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Lineage Of Alpha Psi Alpha

Fall 1998- Fibe Degrees of Blu Phi
1.Ralph Mcbride- Tiny Baby
2.Tyrone Turner- 2 Deep
3.Ledrick Crenshaw- Porn Star
4.Demetrius Leanord- Dtrembler
5.Ladone Dareese- Popi
Spring 1999- Just da Two Of Us
1.Nick Vines- Uno
2.Allen Raine- Hercules

Fall 2000- 6 Meance to Society
1.Kevan Rideau- Blu Loon
2.William Reylonds- Chill Will
3.LeDerrick Jackson- D Nasty
4.Daryl Woods- Genocide
5.Reggie Nero- Silence
6.Joe Freeman- Joe Love
Fall 2001-Soul Survivor
1.Marcus Calhoun- Smiley
Spring 2001-Two Da Hard Way
1.Deolis Johnson-Knock Out
2.Willie Jackson-Unrelated
Spring 2004- 5 Underground Kings Of Blu Phi
1.Kevin Denton- Blu Menace
2.Clarence Henderson- Pretty Boi Blu
3.Micheal Kelly- Blu Genius
4.Donnell Ronbinson- Blu International Smooth Operator
5.Chris Alford- Blu Storm
Spring 2005- 3 Blu Shots
1.Corey Murray- Incredable Hulk
2.Thomas Betts- Hypnotiq
3.Marcus Doss- Crunk Juice
Spring 2005- The Bluprint
1.Curtis Maye- Renegade
Fall 2005- The Dungeon Family
1.Morrecus Foster- Big Boi
2.Jeremy Hixon- Concrete
3.Patrick Judkins- Killer Mike
4.Ekandem Akpan- Clump Cutta Calhoun
5.Derrick Bell- Cool Breeze





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